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2018 Annual Meeting Minutes

2018 Annual Meeting

Current board members

· President-Greg Nellermoe

· Vice president-?? Mike Rolland by paper vote 1-8-18

· Secretary-Chris Levorsen

· Treasurer-Chris Hoppe

· 3 Gun-Brad Sterup

Meeting Minutes

1. FMPSA early set up and gift cards. Present and setting up by 7:30am, name in a hat to be drawn for $25 Scheels card given away at shooters meeting. All names kept track of…end of year drawing for a $200 and $100 Scheels gift card. Brad S motioned and 2nd by Phil T.

2. Junior reduced fees for matches as per USPSA rules, 17 and younger. $20 instead of $30 at Glyndon. $20 At RRRMC instead of $25. Chris L motioned, Mike R + others 2nd.

3. Insurance on container and or trailer at RRRMC… Brad, Chris to check with Glyndon. Greg at RRRMC.

4. Container---3 shelving units and then go from there. Spring clean and organize. Tabled till spring work.

5. List of needs with container and 4+ bays: walls, fence posts….Tabled till spring building

Work Monday- to accommodate items #4 and #5.

6. Summer Mondays, how many and when…we cancelled over half last summer…

Mike E motioned, 2nd by Brad S and Phil T. No RRRMC summer shooting (June, July and August). Instead will look into 1 or 2 Mondays a month outside practice at the Glyndon range. FMPSA MEMBERS ONLY. Need to check with Glyndon, possible? Small fee??? Poll? see interest or…

Work on a list of items needed/desired for matches, ie forward falling poppers, max traps………

Matches for the year: schedule out

· January 21st Mike R winter league

· February 18th Mike R winter league

· March 18th super classifier Greg N

· April 14th Steel challenge?? April 15th @ RRRMC?? Weather...Mike E, Paul J

· April 28nd 3GunBrad, Chris, Chris

· May 12th

· May 19th 3GunBrad, Chris, Chris

· June 9th

· June 16rd 3GunBrad, Chris, Chris

· July 14th Mike R

· July 28th 3GunBrad, Chris, Chris

· August 4th

· August 25th 3GunBrad, Chris, Chris

· Sept 8th

· Sept 22nd 3Gun Brad, Chris, Chris

· Nov 18th Mike R

· Dec 16th Greg N

If you have any questions or comments please let us know at

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Thanks everyone for attending, and helping with the match. It was a late night and Mike plans to get the scores up on PractiScore later today.

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