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Bumps to Open

Thanks to all the shooters who came last night. It's great to have such a large group, even if we can't get to the classifier because of the time. Just a reminder, we're having our super classifier next month & Greg plans to try getting 6 classifiers in.

Last night I saw something that I was almost sure meant a bump to Open, but I couldn't remember exactly where this issue had been discussed. I remembered today:

Cliff notes:

CO, PROD, & SS shooters can have a magnet on their belt, provided it meets the holster/mag locations requirements (behind the hips). Any retention devices ahead of the hips will need to be corrected before shooting.

Magnets anywhere on the belt, are not really recommended. Why? Because if there is a magazine on the magnet at any time during the course of fire, it's a bump to Open.

The COF begins with "Make Ready" and ends with "Range is Clear". This means, you cannot remove a magazine from the magnet to load your gun.

You cannot place a magazine on the magnet as you Unload and Show Clear. If your magnet happens to "catch" your magazine during a reload, you also get bumped.

On a related note, magazines coming out of or going into front pockets can also get you a "welcome to open".

Harsh, perhaps, but them's the rules. It would really be unfortunate to learn this rule at a major match. You might get away with it on a couple of stages, but when you are shooting 10 to 20 stages, chances are pretty good that you will encounter an RO who calls you on it.

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