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FMPSA is Taking a Little Break

The outdoor season is done. It's time to take a break from pistols, and turn our attention to shotguns and rifles. Good luck hunting, everyone!

Check out the FMPSA calendar for all the indoor season details.

We'll resume in January, with the annual meeting and elections on the 8th. We'll have practice after the meeting.

As with every year, all positions are open, so if you are interested in stepping up as an FMPSA officer, welcome! Most importantly, the President position is vacant, as Greg needs to focus on non-shooting stuff for awhile. Greg, thanks for all your dedication to FMPSA, and we look forward to shooting with you again when life allows!

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We'll start setup Friday evening around 5. If you haven't done so, please register, and if you plan to shoot 2 guns/divisions, please register twice.

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