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Match Updates and Changes for 2018

We voted a couple changes at our annual meeting and they will be implemented for the 2018 season. Let's make this the best year yet at FMPSA!

1. Match fees for Junior shooters, 17 years of age and younger, have now been reduced to $20 for the weekend USPSA matches at RRRMC and all of the outdoor matches at Glyndon Rod and Gun Club.

2. As a way to try to boost support for match setup, we will now be giving away gift cards to Scheels All Sports to those that help with setup at our outdoor matches. Here are the rules......

1. You must be at Glyndon Rod and Gun Club before 7:30am and actively helping to setup the stages. The match director will have the final say if there is a question about people participating in the actual setup.

2. If there is additional setup needed the night before, everyone that shows up that night will get to add their name to the drawing. If you help setup the night before and are helping before 7:30am on match day, your name will go in the hat twice, increasing your odds of winning. We will post on our website and FB about any additional match setup days.

3. During the shooters meeting, we will draw ONE name for a $25 gift card to Scheels.

4. We will keep track of all names throughout the entire season and they will all go in for a big drawing at the end of the year. The more you help out, the better your odds of winning at the end of the year.

5. We will draw 2 names after the outdoor season is over. Grand prize winner will get a $200 Scheels card and the second prize is a $100 Scheels card.

We wanted to show our appreciation to all of the people that support the club and our matches, after all, this is a volunteer sport and we can't do it without all of your help.


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