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Silent Auction

As promised in October, we are doing a silent auction fundraiser for Ken.

Remember, this is more about giving Ken thanks and support for all he's done for us than it is about scoring loot for cheap.

Larry has generously donated 3 steel targets he made from 3/8" AR500 steel. These are two-third sized USPSA targets. These go for about $100 at Scheel's, so let's start the bidding at $100 each.

Larry also donated 2 bricks of small pistol primers. As you know, you can't find these anywhere! So let's start at $100 each for them too.

Mike has donated a case of Yuengling. Considering that this nectar is brewed in Pennsylvania and only available in eastern states, donating from his personal stash is certainly generous of Mike! Let's start the bidding at $50.

If anyone else would like to donate merchandise, please let me know.

Please email your bids to

We will collect the proceeds and any other donations you may wish to make at the December match.

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