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Winter League Matches

Since last year's Winter League was such a hit, we've decided to bring it back for this winter. Mike Rolland has volunteered to be the match director so be sure to thank him when you see him. The format has changed a little from last winter but the match will be an aggregate score from the December, January and February indoor matches. Each match will be 5 stages, one of which will be a classifier. The classifiers will NOT count towards your aggregate score but the other 12 stages will. At the end of the match we will announce the winners and prizes will be awarded for division winners and the overall winner. There needs to be a minimum of 3 shooters in order for your division to award a winner.

The first match is this coming Sunday, December 17th. Please show up around 4pm to help set up the stages and get everything ready for the match. Round count is 130. The classifier will be cm 03-07 Riverdale Standards.

We'll see you at the range!

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