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2023 Major Match Schedule

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

I typically send out an email with these details, but miss many people. So, I’m going to post the major matches here, and update the details as they develop (hotels, etc). Ping me with intel on other matches (or any corrections), and I’ll add them to this list.

Great Plains Section

Canton, SD

May 20-21

Reg: Dec 31 @10am

Area 4

Tulsa, OK

June 1-4

Reg: TBD

Cornhusker Classic

Louisville, NE

June 10-11

Reg: TBD

WY Governor’s Match

Casper, WY

July 13-16

Reg: Open Now

WI Section

Rhinelander, WI

July 15-16

Reg: Jan1@8:30am

(Unfortunate that this overlaps with WY. I’m going to Casper)

Area 1

Billings, MT

July 27-30

Reg: Jan1

Area 3

Grand Island, NE

Aug 10-13

Reg: Jan 1@8:30am

MN Section

Forest Lake, MN

Aug 26-27

Reg: Jan 1@12AM

IA Section

Elkhart, IA

Sep 22-24

Reg: Mar 1@6am

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