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Good News!

In the past, we have had to cancel a majority of our Monday practice nights at RRRMC in the summer due to the heat. An idea was brought at our Annual Meeting to approach Glyndon Rod and Gun Club to see if we would be able to hold our Monday practice nights at their facility instead during the summer.

Well we did.......and Glyndon Rod and Gun Club was all for it!

Here are the details. We will also post more about it as it gets closer.

1. All shooters must be a paid member of GRGC ($60 annual membership)

2. All shooters must be member of FMPSA ($30 annual membership)

3. We can use 2 of the new 25 yard bays so we can still shoot steel, etc but wont waste a ton of time setting up really elaborate stages

4. Shooting times will be 6-9pm for all Mondays in June, July, and August

5. Shooting fees will be $10 just like our indoor Monday practice nights

I think this is a great opportunity to get in some more practice and also use the new bays. They stated several times at the meeting last night that those new bays were put in to help our club

so lets show them that all of the work was worth it!

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