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Outdoor Practice this Wed.

Due to a communication mishap on my part, I did not put this Wednesday's practice on the calendar.

Sorry for the short notice. But if you will be at practice, please text Mike (701-793-1666) ASAP. If he doesn't hear from enough people by Wed. noon, in the words of the Practice Nazi, "No practice for you." Mike will reply to you in a text that Practice is On/Off.

Feel free to include in your text that you actually got the reference. It won't win you anything, but it might make Mike giggle.

If you decide to just show up on Wed. without having texted Mike, don't complain if no one is there. It's like bitching about the government without having voted.

And if you say you're in, but don't show up and there's hardly anyone at practice, brace yourself for the wrath of Mike. Like him, it ain't pretty.

Remember, you must be an FMPSA member to practice with us.

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