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September is National Steel Challenge Month

OK, I made that up. But it should be, because we are shooting a full 8-stage Steel Challenge match on September 9.

Brush up on the rules; if I have to, you should too !!

Setup will start Friday evening (watch for another announcement with the details). We will start shooting at 9:00, or after setup and registration is complete.

Cost is $30. Add $20 if you want to shoot another division. As per the rules, you can use the same gun for 2 different divisions, but you cannot shoot the same division twice with the same gun.

Note that the number of annual matches required for us to be recognized as a Steel Challenge club increased several years ago, so this match will not count towards a classification :(

Please register on PractiScore.

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We'll start setup Friday evening around 5. If you haven't done so, please register, and if you plan to shoot 2 guns/divisions, please register twice.

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