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Summer League at FMPSA

We've had lots of new shooters join us this winter, and we'd like to keep the momentum going through the summer. So, to make shooting USPSA more appealing than the Lakes, mowing the lawn or whatever other excuse you might have for not shooting, the board thought that Summer Leagues would make the summer interesting. Believe it or not, we'll be shooting outside very soon!

We haven't formalized the rules yet. The purpose of this post is to lay out what we have so far, and get member input. We'll also discuss in the upcoming practices.

Leagues will run from May to September (5 matches).

We realize that life does occasionally get in the way of shooting. One idea is to count the best 4 out of 5 matches for everyone's results. Another idea is that if you miss one match, your lowest scoring match will be counted twice as a make-up. You get only one make-up. After that, it's zeros for you. We need to decide on this.

Your score for each match will be the % you scored, relative to the overall winner for the match. This appears at the first column in PractiScore when you look at the overall match winner (who always gets 100%). Your score for the league will be the total of each match score or best 4 out of 5, depending on how we decide that.

To help level the playing field, shooters will be handicapped by their highest classification score (across all divisions the shooter is classified). The handicap adjustment will be ADDED to the shooter's match scores as follows:

GM - 0 pts

M - 5

A - 15

B - 25

C - 40

D - 60

Unclassified shooters will be treated as a D. Another idea is that unclassified shooters don't get any point adjustments. We need to decide on this. Keep in mind that there are 5 matches, and we try to have a classifier for each match, so you should be able to get a classification by the end of the Summer League.

Highest classification at the end of the League will be applied to all match scores.

Shooter does not have to stay in the same division all summer. So, you can work on different divisions to prepare for major matches or to try that new gun you just bought. Regardless of what division you shoot, your highest classification at the end of the season will be used to determine your handicap adjustment for each match.

Prizes haven't been determined yet. Suggestions are welcome. Some ideas so far include gift certificates at Shooters Connection, an annual premium membership at RRRMC, a membership at Glyndon R & G Club, etc. We want to make them good!!

We'll award to 1, 2 & 3, plus a participation award to be given randomly among all shooters who attend all 5 matches.

Bring your ideas to practice before the May match. Or post your ideas here on our website.

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