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Super-Classifier in March

Our upcoming match on the 19th will be a super-classifier with 5-6 classifiers. This is a great opportunity for new shooters to get their first classification, as you only need 4 scores to start. If you are not a USPSA member yet, we encourage you to sign up so that the scores will count for you. You can shoot the match regardless, but the scores only count toward classification if you are a member of USPSA. As additional incentive, you have to be a member of USPSA to shoot major matches and it's nice to have a classification so you can compete for a trophy.

Register on PractiScore, and make sure your USPSA number is correct.

Refresh your memory on equipment requirements for your division. We will be checking all shooters.

Also, it's not a bad idea to refresh your memory on Comstock vs. Virginia count scoring, as we'll probably have both types.

Finally, don't bother to ask me...I don't know what classifiers we'll be running.

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We'll start setup Friday evening around 5. If you haven't done so, please register, and if you plan to shoot 2 guns/divisions, please register twice.

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